About us

Seeing our beloved babies growing up happy and healthy everyday, is undeniably the number one wish for moms like us. And to fulfill that wish, we need to put our heart into almost everything for them. But with appliances or any invisible surrounding threats such as pollution, hard sunlight or hazardous smoke that may directly come intact to their sensitive skin at anytime; it becomes even more essential for us to select extra mild and moisturizing baby skincare products just to protect and embrace them as we truly wish.

White Papel is here to answer this wish exclusively for you and your babies with the concept of, “The fresher the skin, the happier the babies.” We start from thoroughly studying and analyzing common skin conditions easily spotted in babies, then advancing the best creation of baby skincare products which truly meet the needs of their delicate skins with the best selection of highly organic natural ingredients, without adulterated chemicals to prevent any irritation. All we aim for is not only to serve the ultimate mildness you are looking for, but also to turn every day into a truly happy moment for your babies.

Now it is time for the littlest things, and a perfect timing to light up a day with White Papel. All of our baby skincare products come with unique natural floral and fruity scent which help soothe and calm your little beloved, while mildly moisturizing their skin without leaving greasy touches. So when bathing, hair washing and cream applying time seem overall fun, these will bring back the freshest touch to your beloved ones. Believe us, seeing babies become happy, you will be much happier.

White Papel will still pour all our determination into inventing and developing more novel lines of products such as bottle liquid cleanser and liquid detergent for babies, just to present them the safety they deserve. We also promise you to work hardest and become your number one friendly assistant, delivering motherly love and care and turning up all childhood moments together into the magical memories you and your babies would love to keep forever.